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About Ronin Fighting

Ronin is the UK’s leading truly mixed martial arts event incorporating the disciplines of k1 rules kickboxing and MMA (mixed martial arts). It combines striking whilst standing up and on the ground, together with the throws and takedowns of judo and the wrestling and grappling of jujitsu.

 Combat sports are the leading spectator sport in the world currently out grossing gate sales from the former favourite boxing. Here in the UK we have always been synonymous whitin the world of combat, UK fans always giving the best reception to the athletes helping to provide what is widely recognised as the most electric atmospheres in the industry. Nowhere is this more prevalent than on our very own Ronin events, where Ronin has established itself as a front runner, a leading brand due to the wealth of both local talent and the best from around the world that we showcase on our Ronin events.

Ronin is a Japanese word meaning masterless warrior. Ronin were once the emperors imperial body guards and made up the army, these were called samurai and was a very prestigious and noble position to hold.

Combat sports is the oldest sport known to mankind, testaments can be evidenced all the way back to roman gladiatorial times. Fast forward 1000 odd years, add TV cameras, lights and a sound system – the battle arena has somewhat changed, but….We are Ronin


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